Buku Dominoes

Buku Dominoes

Buku Dominoes 1.0 is a dominoes game for the Personal Computers
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Buku Dominoes 1.0 is a dominoes game for the PC.
This game was developed by Merscom LLC for Big Fish Games. As in every Big Fish game, the Download Link will download a program that, when executed, will download the game through Internet. The total size of the game will be 21.15 Mb.

Buku Dominoes features 50 tile sets and 10 different game variations.

The basic rules in Buku Dominoes are the same that in the traditional game: you will have 28 different tiles. At the beginning of the game every player will receive five tiles, and the rest will be put in the Boneyard. The player that has the highest double tile makes the first move. The other players will have to play tiles that match some of the ends of the chain of played tiles. If some player hasn´t got a matching tile, he will be in the obligation of taking tiles from the boneyard till he can play.

You can customize the game loading different pictures for you and the other players. You can also change the background an add the music of your choice, using your own MP3 tracks.

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